The KQHW Multiplex currently transmits 2 video streams, which means that there is plenty room for your multimedia service.

When calculating the difference between Cable TV households [1], and Satellite TV Households  [2] in East Hawaii, 24% of households do not subscribe to pay TV. Assuming 2016 nation-wide percentages [3], approximately 18.5% of East Hawaii households view Over-the-Air television**.

If you’d like to bring your broadcast service to East Hawai`i, please contact us. From leasing bandwidth to helping us upgrade to the potential of our license, we look forward to speaking with you.

**Cable TV household annual reports are posted after 4 years, so it’s likely OTA numbers are higher. OTA viewing is up approximately 8% nationwide from 2012. An 8% increase among OTA viewers in East Hawaii would be 26.5% in 2016..