KQHW Digital Multiplex – Puna, HI

Welcome to KQHW-LD!Chill Music

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KQHW is an FCC-licensed 12 MHz block of VHF and UHF spectrum on the Big Island of Hawai`i.

We are developing 2 multimedia services produced in-house:

  • KZED, OTA-TV Channel 2.1: A non-commercial digital radio service with accompanying video content, programmed as a downtempo/chill electronic music format. http://kzed.org
  • Puna.TV, OTA-TV Channel 32.1: A digital television service with local and international programming.

Our signals can be upgraded to the maximum configuration with coverage of East Hawai`i Island, including the entire Hilo metro area to meet your wireless needs. Our transmitters are licensed at 54 MHz (KZED-LD) and 581 MHz (KQHW-LD).  We look forward to upgrading to the ATSC 3.0 standard, with the increased bandwidth efficiency and compression performance.

If you would like to explore a partnership in new wireless technology in paradise, contact us!